Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 laser is truly revolutionary technology, that has become the gold standard for resurfacing treatments. With this device, microscopically small but deeply penetrating and highly effective CO2 laser "microbeams" remove old sun damaged and scarred tissue and stimulate the body to produce substantial amounts of new, healthier collagen in the skin.

The result of fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing is generally a significantly improved appearance of the treated skin with wrinkles and scars substantially diminished and skin color made more uniform. The results are very natural and patients are pleased to see that they simply look like a refreshed and more youthful version of themselves. Fractional CO2 laser can be used to treat: 

What are Fractional CO2 treatments like?

Depending on the depth treated the procedure can be moderately uncomfortable. To minimise discomfort we use a combination of topical anesthetic, further local anaesthetic by injection and other pain relief agents. We can offer a special form of local anaesthetic administration called tumescent anaesthesia, that has been invented by dermatologists. This allows us to perform the procedure with minimal discomfort and with minimal risks and a fast recovery time. Protective eye  wear is also worn during treatment. 

How does it work?

What is the recovery like?

Because this device produces tiny openings in the skin’s surface, there is a period of a few days after the treatment when patients experience significant swelling, redness, and some oozing of serum from the treated skin’s surface. However healing after this treatment is relatively rapid with minimal care required for about a week and redness of the treated skin generally resolving over the subsequent week. Most patients appearance will not only be substantially improved after only about ten days, but it will also continue to improve for months after this unique laser therapy as the treated skin creates more collagen.