Wrinkles have multiple causes including a reduction in facial volume, the prolonged activity of facial muscles and a reduction in skin elasticity. We use a number of techniques to reduce wrinkles and give you a natural cosmetic result: we aim that nobody will be able to detect that you have had treatment or be able to tell what with, other than noticing that you are looking great! 

Filler Application  

A major cause of wrinkles is the age-related decrease in volume and a downward shift of deeply located facial fat deposits. This creates deeper lines such as tear troughs, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. The application of filler materials can replace the volume that has been reduced by the ageing process. Fillers are injected subcutaneously and have seen significant advances in recent times. Our emphasis is now on the 3D reconstruction of facial structures and volume, which softens lines and lifts contours. We specialise in the assessment of any volume loss and advanced injection techniques to give you the best possible outcome. We only use safe, biodegradable and bio-stimulative filler material, such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite in our treatments.  

Muscle Relaxation

Some facial lines, especially frown lines between the eyes and crows feet and the corner of the eyes, are caused by the repeated activity of the underlying facial muscles. These lines can be improved by the precise application of botulinum toxin, which relaxes the underying muscle. 

Skin Texture

Often wrinkles need the texture and elasticity of the overlying skin to be restored. We achieve this by using fractional CO2 laser resurfacing or Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency treatments. These both help to breaks down some of the old sun-damaged and aged collagen and elastin, and stimulate your body to produce fresh and health collagen. This new collagen and elastin, improve skin texture and reduce wrinkling.