We are excited to offer our patients treatment with our Sciton Broadband light (BBL). We carefully selected this device from a number of alternative options as our modality of choice for treating a number of pigmented and vascular skin conditions. The BBL is considered to be the "Rolls Royce" of pulse light devices and is one of the most powerful available.

It uses two xenon flashlamps to produce a powerful burst of light that is absorbed into the skin. Within the skin different targets, called chromophores absorb this energy resulting in the clinical effect. The BBL features different, switchable filters to modify the wavelength of the light emitted and thus enables different chromophores to be targeted.

One of the key features of the BBL is that the light energy is delivered as a square pulse, ensuring that the light energy is delivered in an even fashion maximising the effect on the target. Many IPL machines deliver pulses with a prolonged low power tail which is not strong enough to affect the target chromophore and increases the risk of damage to the skin. The BBL also features an advanced cooling system, which protects the skin and minimises the sensation of the BBL.

The BBL is used to treat a number of different conditions including:

We have found most patients benefit from 3 treatments approximately 4 – 8 weeks apart.  When we perform your treatment, we are constantly assessing your skins response and adjust the BBL settings to give you the best response.

For patients with sun damage and skin ageing changes, we can perform Forever Young BBL which has been shown in studies to help slow down the normal skin ageing process.

Most people tolerate BBL treatments very well, with the sensation of each pulse of light being similar to a small rubberband snapping against the skin. During a BBL treatment, we use our Cryojet machine, which gently blows super cooled air onto the skin minimising discomfort. An added advantage of the Cryojet is that we are also able to protect the top layers of the skin with the cooled air, so we can often use higher settings which maximise the outcome and beneficial effect of the BBL treatment. 

How does it work?