Laser Hair Removal

For superior results we use the lastest Diode laser technology to provide safe and effective hair removal. Our expertly trained registered cosmetic nurses working under the supervision of a specialist Dermatologist perform all of our hair removal treatments – so it is not just our machine that is medical grade. You can trust that you are in safe hands.

How does laser hair removal permanently reduce unwanted hair?

The pulses of diode laser light delivers photothermal energy to hair follicles. The rapid, short pulses of light energy cause the hair follicle to heat and stop producing hair without harming any surrounding tissue.

Laser Versus IPL?

We use the latest diode laser technology which emits all of its energy as a single wavelength of light. Many clinics use IPL machines, which are not lasers and they emit light as a broad range of wavelengths. As a result, not all of the energy is delivered to the same depth and the treatment is not as focused. It is generally considered that Diode lasers are the safest and most effective devices for hair removal for most skin types. 

What areas can be treated?

Any area of your body can be treated. The most common areas are the face, under arms, arms, legs, bikini area, chest, shoulders and back. 

How do the laser hair removal treatments feel?

Treatments are comfortable and safe. A cooling system soothes the skin, so the treatment is delivered with minimal or no discomfort. Personal sensitivity varies from patient to patient.  

How many treatments will I need?

Most areas require at least 6 treatments applied at 4 – 6 week intervals to achieve optimal benefit. Long-term results depend on multiple factors such as hair thickness, the area treated and the hair’s growth cycle. Hair grows in three stages called anagen, catagen and telogen. Laser hair removal predominantly treats hairs in the anagen phase, which is when the hairs are actively growing. When the hair is not actively growing then the laser is not able to target the hair.  Since not all hairs are in the same growth stage at the same time, multiple treatments are necessary to target all hair in the treatment site. 

What happens during the procedure?

A clear gel will be applied to the skin. Then, the laser energy is delivered with a cooled applicator. During the treatment, some patients experience a warm or pinching sensation in the treatment area. For your safety, your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. 

How long will it take to recover?

Laser hair remocal is a safe treatment with virtually no downtime. In most cases, you can resume your normal daily activities immediately. 

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately following your treatment, you may experience some redness and swelling around the hair follicles that should go away within a few hours. A few days to a week after treatment you may experience what seems to be regrowth of hair or may see singed hairs coming out of the follicles. Most of these hairs are actually being shed as a result of your laser hair removal treatment and are not growing back. 

What aftercare will I need?

Minimal aftercare is needed. Keep the treated area clean, use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 when outdoors and follow your post-treatment instructions.