Melasma is a common but difficult to treat cause of hyperpigmentation. There are a number of treatment options, and often a combination of these is required to achieve the best outcome.

Careful sun protection is vital for all patients with melasma. We offer advice on a number of suitable sunscreens, including sunscreens that can block visible light which can stimulate melasma in some patients. Melasma also often requires prescription dermatological formulas of bleaching substances, and our specialist knowledge allows us to offer the latest options.

We often treat melasma with a series of chemical peels. We commonly will use Glycolic acid when treating melasma, which is a natural fruit acid tht stimulates regeneration of skin cells and a reduction in pigmentation. In addition to reducing pigmentation, the peels also result in your skin looker brighter and fresher, and any blemishes can be evened out.

For some cases of melasma, we may consider laser or energy based device treatment. Laser treatment for melasma should only be performed by an expert as many lasers or pulsed light devices can sometimes increase the pigmentation.