Carbon Dioxide laser

We are excited to introduce our new fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser. Carbon Dioxide lasers are the gold standard for facial resurfacing and are an excellent option for treating sun damage and ageing changes such as wrinkles and lines. It is also very useful for treating acne scars, and is often combined with other acne scars treatments such as subcision and filler injections. We also use the Carbon Dioxide laser for treating loose or excess skin around the eyes, and in patients with mild-moderate skin laxity in these areas it can sometimes avoid a surgical operation such as a blepharoplasty. Carbon Dioxide resurfacing is an involved treatment that needs a team approach to get the best outcomes, and you can trust the Skin Practice with this advanced treatment. It also needs effective anaesthesia and we use a combination of techniques such as topical anaesthetics, nerve blocks and tumescent anaesthesia to make the procedure comfortable and safe. Dr Ludgate gained experience with laser resurfacing when working in the United States, and we have been extremely pleased with the results we have been getting with our new device.